Top Supplements For
Leaky Gut

And the one supplement and functional food, no one else is talking about!

By Jennifer Smith, Natural Medicine Practitioner and Certified in Holistic Nutrition

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These top supplements for leaky gut can help you heal and improve your gut health. If you are having issues with leaky gut, you may have already tried to change your diet or make some changes to improve your gut health. This can work out fairly well for a time, but you may find that you need something more to improve your leaky gut issues.

If this sounds like the stage you're in with your health, then you may be considering supplements. Here are my suggestions on improving digestive health. I'll also share the only true way to heal and seal a leaky gut, and no one else is talking about it!

Bovine Colostrum

First and foremost on the list of supplements for leaky gut, is bovine colostrum. Colostrum is the first food for all animals and should be for all humans. However at times breast feeding while ideal, is not always possible for all mothers. I am working on another post in the next couple of weeks that provides a solution for mothers who are not able to breast feed. Stay tuned to our blog for this release.

Unfortunately, in our society today we come across many things that cause harm to our gut and lead to leaky gut. While I fully believe that breastfeeding provides a better start than formula, it cannot protect you from all the assaults that we face on a daily basis. For more on the toxins that cause leaky gut, see the post I wrote entitled: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome and What Causes It?

There is no other supplement that can replace bovine colostrum in healing leaky gut. All other supplements alone (without colostrum as the foundation) will act as band-aids which do not actually heal and seal the gut, as colostrum does. For more info on this, read the white paper by Doug Wyatt entitled Best Practices Vs. Band-Aids For Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome.

22 Healing Miracles in one Superfood! 

No other healing substance on the planet even comes close!

1. Helps Protect and Heal your G.I. tract and stomach lining (LGS)

2. Retrains your immune system to operate perfectly - helps boost, balance, and

maintain proper Immune Function

3. Helps restore your body’s ability to heal itself

4. Acts as a Natural Antibiotic – helps destroy harmful pathogens and fight

infection…rapidly and safely

5. Acts as safe, powerful, natural Pain Reliever

6. Boosts the Absorption of nutrients in the gut

7. Stimulates the Regrowth of damaged tissue, cartilage bone, and blood cells

8. Helps increase Muscle Strength and Stamina

9. Speeds up Recovery after exercise or injury

10. Balances Hormones and calms the mind

11. Increases production of Serotonin and Dopamine (natural antidepressants) in

the brain

12. Boosts Mental Clarity

13. Burns Fat and increases metabolism

14. Helps balance Blood Glucose levels

15. Helps stimulate Wounds to heal rapidly

16. Helps increase Natural Killer (NK) cells, T-cell differentiation, and macrophage activity

17. Helps prevent and eliminate Diarrhea from infectious causes

18. Helps provide Anti-Aging benefits

19. Helps improve and restore Sexual Function

20. Creates more Youthful Skin

21. Accelerates Cellular and DNA Repair

22. Stimulates the endocrine system to continue Producing Growth Hormone

Excerpted from page 23 of It's A Gut Decision: How The Rediscovery Of Bovine Colostrum Offers Wellness And Longevity . This ebook is available for free download by becoming a member of our newsletter.

Don't Take Probiotics Until You Read This Section!

Probiotics are important supplements for leaky gut, however it's essential to incorporate them at the right time. Probiotics will not colonize in the gut unless colostrum has been allowed to heal leaky gut first.

What's worse, if you start taking a probiotic and you haven't healed your leaky gut, the probiotics will be allowed to permeate into the gut lining and subsequently into the bloodstream. The immune system will see this as foreign invaders in their territory.  The immune system then begins it's fight to destroy the foreign probiotics  and can even produce antibodies against them to prevent future "attacks".

This is why it is essential that you hold off on probiotics until at least 4 to 6 weeks after starting colostrum therapy. When you do this, the colostrum is allowed to act as the prebiotic and this will help the probiotics survive and thrive in the gut.

Probiotics are very easy to find and even easier to add to your diet to assist leaky gut issues. These can be most easily found in powder form that can be added by the spoonful or packet to drinks or food. Most people add them to a glass of water or juice in the morning or add them to things like yogurt. These help deliver healthy bacteria to your diet that help with digestion and moving the foods through your system easily so they don't form blockages and cause more leakage. 

Taking probiotics and colostrum are a couple of things that standard American diet (SAD) lacks. The body has good bacteria and bad bacteria and maintaining the right balance is essential to your health. Probiotics are good bacteria; easing IBS and preventing infections and allergies.

After using my Colostrum/Probiotic protocol listed above, you can try to incorporate some of the other beneficial supplements for leaky gut discussed below.

Collagen Powder

Collagen or collagen hydrosolate powder is another one to include in our supplements for leaky gut has many other benefits as well. This is something that many people may not be aware of, but more recently people are starting to talk more about it's benefits.

This powder is what is contained in bone broth that makes it so effective in overall health and immune issues that occur during cold and flu season. The trick to this powder is that it is mainly found in health food stores, so if you can't find it in your local grocery, try a health food or natural food store. 

I like to add this to my morning cup of bulletproof coffee.  It can also be added to a smoothie or fresh vegetable juice.

Other  Beneficial Supplements For Leaky Gut Include:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Raw honey
  • Kefir, made from fermented milk
  • Plants like chlorella, spirulina, blue-green algae, seaweed
  • Kim Chi which is a fermented type cabbage, a very popular Korean dish
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Tempeh, made from fermented soybeans
  • Organic yogurt with no added sugar

Want to help your digestion and strengthen it while healing your leaky gut?

  • Eat raw and cooked foods.
  • Avoid eating grains, protein, and starch veggies all on the same plate of food.
  • Avoid pasta and bread.
  • Avoid eating too many carbs which turn into sugar in the body. Keep it under 100 grams of carbs per day. 
  • Eat plenty of fermented foods. 
  • Drink probiotic beverages which contain active and live cultures.
  • Ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric are wonderful digestive system spices.
  • Use digestive enzymes.
  • Glutamine is excellent amino acids that really support good gut health.
  • Zinc is a very useful mineral, in fact, critical for ensuring your gut stays healthy. A deficiency can lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Zinc treats diarrhea, leaky gut, colitis, leaky gut and other digestive problems.

By implementing my Colostrum Protocol listed above and incorporating  a few of these supplements for leaky gut into your lifestyle, you can see improved overall gut health and a reversal of leaky gut issues. Many of these supplements can be added in your juicing or your smoothies as well as capsule options.  See our full supplement protocol for leaky gut on Fullscript below. 

Leaky Gut Supplement Recommendations

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Fullscript leaky gut protocol

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