Functional Nutrition Coaching
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By Jennifer Smith, Natural Medicine Practitioner and Certified in Holistic Nutrition

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Are you ready to learn how to improve your health through Functional Nutrition Coaching?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

How Functional Nutrition Coaching may help you improve your health and vitality . . . read on to learn how!

Has your doctor told you that you need to lose weight, start eating better or change your lifestyle habits to avoid a worsening medical condition?

Have you noticed your aging faster than friends the same age?

Have you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and your head is spinning and your not sure how you got here or what to do about it?

Have you been to multiple doctors and they tell you it all in your head? Or that they have no suggestions on what you should do, or their solutions are not helping the way you wanted them to. 

After a while confusion sets in. It happens to ALL of us....

  • How did I get here and what can I do about it? 
  • When did this problem start? 
  • How can I get some relief? 
  • What kind of food is best for me? 
  • How do I find time in my busy schedule to plan and cook healthy meals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I know you can have the  health and vitality you desire through my virtual Functional Nutrition Coaching program.

"Functional nutrition coaching can help you get to the root cause of dis-ease and assist your body in recovery. "

Jennifer Smith, BHC

Here's what you'll discover:

What is the Functional Nutrition Coaching Process and is this right for me?

Likely if you are here, you know you have a problem in which no one has been able to help you solve. Many times no one can even tell you how you got here and their recommendations probably just handle the superficial symptoms, rather than getting to the root problem. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to keep reading. 


Whether you're new to the functional nutrition coaching scene or if you’ve been using nutritional supplements for a while; I can help you to track down what happened in your history to set you on this course

Every person is different and the path that led you to your condition may be completely different then someone else with the same condition. This requires an individual approach rather than relying on cookie cutter solutions.


Once we determine the root cause of the condition (using the functional nutrition framework), we can make a plan based on your personal goals with do-able bite-sized habits which will lead to long-term lifestyle changes; thereby removing the obstacles to healing. 

I will also recommend nutritional supplements, a therapeutic whole food nutritional plan and suggested tools which will help you organize and implement these changes.


The last step in the process is to track your progress and assess your improvement over the coming months and tweak the recommendations, as necessary. 

Here's how Functional Nutrition Coaching works...

As a Natural Health Consultant since 2009, and a Biblical Health Coach and Functional Nutrition practitioner since 2016, I have personal AND professional experience that can help you to find your way. Learn more about me here. 

Basically, no matter where you're at in your journey, I've likely been there too. So you can find the answers you're looking for with my personalized and very YOU-nique Coaching service.

This frees up your time to concentrate on LIVING. I mean, why spend so much time trying to reinvent the wheel?

In a nutshell, I help you clear away the fog and get the answers you need to move your health in a positive direction. 

Your Functional Nutrition Coaching is 100% personalized!

As your coach, I'll be there to answer any and all questions that arise as we work together, whether for one coaching session, or more...

  • No matter your experience
  • No matter your knowledge
  • No matter your available time

This is not a cookie-cutter approach. You are unique. And your Functional Nutrition Coaching experience is too.

Working with a Functional Nutrition Coach is a fun way to learn the ins and outs of nutrition without having to take the time for hours of research, without hopping from one fad diet to the next, and without spending hundreds of dollars on vitamins and minerals that may be actually doing more harm than good.

You might be surprised how affordable it really is for one-on-one help with your unique questions.

And since you will find the straight-ahead answers you need, you WILL save time and money in the long run.

When you hire me as your coach, I do not require any long-term contracts. My 3 month program is what works best for my clients to see major shifts and see results. Flexibility is the key here.

Ready to take that next step?

Let me show you how… 

I specialize in educating people just like you, on how to focus on the right nutrients and lifestyle habits for optimal health!

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I help clients by using physiological marker tests (many of which, you can be done in the comfort of home) to monitor and recommend specific nutrients and lifestyle changes to cleanse the body, balance digestion, and remove road blocks to optimal health.

This program is not your typical coaching program. Instead, it’s a functional nutrition coaching program that focuses on teaching you about digestion, and how to look at your own physiology to better understand how to achieve optimal health. I will coach you through a process that has worked for for others struggling with similar issues.

My functional nutrition coaching practice is located in Naples Florida, but I see clients all over the United States through our virtual telehealth platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, fill out the application and we'll reach out to schedule a call. During this session we’ll discuss your vision for your health, some of the obstacles that stand in your way, and how I can help you learn to balance your health and digestion naturally and feel your best. I'll even give you a free video course to get you started, during our discovery call. I just know you'll walk away from it motivated and ready to get started toward better health.

Included in the Bio-Individuality Coaching™ program:

  • Bi-Monthly 60-Minute One-On-One Zoom Sessions with me
  • Direct Access to me Through Email For the Entire 12 Weeks
  • Receive Supplement and Food Suggestions
  • Weekly Food Journal and Self-Test Reviews Available
  • Access to Advanced Supplements Not Available to the Public
  • Weekly Objectives Laid Out in Short Video Courses

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