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Aug 03, 2022

What Is Metabolism And How Does It Affect Your Weight

You may find yourself asking what is metabolism anyway and how can it help me finally lose the weight for good? When you’re trying your best to get into better shape

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Jul 19, 2022

1 Free Week of Functional Nutrition Health Coaching - Limited Time Only!

I have an exciting announcement! I just completed my Holistic Nutritionist Certification through AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) last week. To celebrate, I want to give you a free week of Functional Nutrition or habit coaching through

Just visit the link and you can hit the subscribe button and use the coupon code JENWEEK at check-out. is an awesome free app where you can build daily habits and they have a premium coaching program to be coached by any of the expert coaches found there.

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Apr 29, 2022

Clean Eating Diet: 5 Easy Ways To Make Good Choices While Dining Out

The good thing about the clean eating diet is that it isn’t difficult to eat out with this particular diet. It is actually very simple to do, no matter what restaurant you go to.

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Apr 23, 2022

Functional Nutrition For A Healthy Life

Functional Nutrition For A Healthy Life: Functional nutrition is a holistic approach to nutrition, which encompasses lifestyle, activity levels, stress levels and habit change to facilitate improved overall health in the presence of chronic disease.

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Apr 22, 2022

Healthy Lifestyle Habits For Everyday

It seems that everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle lately, but most people have no idea what to do to get one, and what to do to keep it. Healthy lifestyle habits are the ones th

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Apr 22, 2022

7 Day Sugar Cleanse

This Sugar Cleanse is your seven day plan to kick sugar to the curb and reclaim your health!

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Apr 18, 2022

Functional Nutrition Coaching Customized For You!

Improve Your Health Through Functional Nutrition Coaching

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Apr 13, 2022

Clean Eating Desserts

Clean eating desserts may be just what you need after a satisfying meal to be able to have something sweet, yet still stick to your healthy eating goals.

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Apr 11, 2022

Clean Eating Ideas For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Here are some clean eating ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will help you overcome the fear of getting started with clean eating. Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated.

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Apr 09, 2022

6 Days of Work and Rest Every 7 Days

Have you seen our recent Biblical Health post on the WellnessByDesign community?

According to God's design, our bodies are meant to work 6 days and rest on the seventh day.

Bible verses for self study this week:

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Apr 07, 2022

7 Clean Eating Tips To Make Transitioning Easier

If you are brand new to the clean eating diet, the following clean eating tips will help. They help you properly plan for a clean eating lifestyle and figure out how to make transition easier.

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Apr 02, 2022

What's Clean Eating Cooking Like?

What's Clean Eating Cooking Like? When it comes to the clean eating lifestyle, you are trying to reduce processed foods, cook more often, and have as many fresh

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Mar 31, 2022

The 5 Pillars of Aging Well

From our friends at YourLabwork Dr. Alan Hopkins:

It’s an age-old problem, isn’t it?

We all want to know the secret to staying young and living longer.

What if I told you there wasn’t one secret, but five?

In our latest article, we’ve outlined 5 Secrets To Aging Well. Because aging doesn’t have to be a gradual decline toward the end.

In fact, you can feel vibrant well into your ‘golden years’.

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Mar 30, 2022

Clean Eating Basics

By learning these 3 clean eating basics, you can learn how to get started quickly and un-complicate the way you eat once and for all. Before looking at meal ideas and other tips for a clean eating

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Mar 27, 2022

Online Health Forum - Wellness By Design Community

Get FREE Access To Our Wellness By Design Community. Learn to improve your health through gentle nutrition, fasting, Biblical prayer & movement. This is truly a unique

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Feb 17, 2022

Download your Healthy Lifestyle Planner and 50 days of Healthy Lifestyle Journal Prompts!

I have a couple helpful resources for you today that can help you work toward improving your lifestyle and diet.

The first one is my Healthy Lifestyle Planner where you can plan out your daily health goals and meals, weekly meals, do a kitchen inventory, plan your groceries, fitness goals and more!

Healthy Lifestyle PlannerThis planner comes with 15 pages, including:

Monthly Calendar (blank)
Daily Planner
Meal Planner
Kitchen Inventory
Grocery List Template
Healthy Eating Goals
Fitness Goals
Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Habit Tracker
Daily Routines
Weight Tracker
Measurements Tracker
Water Tracker (weekly)
Water Tracker (monthly)
Workout Routine

I am also including a healthy lifestyle journal with journal prompts for the next 50 days. I hope you will find these tools useful in creating a roadmap for improving your health and your lifestyle!

If you're ready to create your roadmap and improve your lifestyle, visit the link below and join our free community called Wellness By Design on Mighty Networks!

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Feb 06, 2022

Healthy Eating Habits You Wish You Knew 10 Years Ago

If you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself, don’t start a fad diet. For a more permanent solution, it’s well worth your time to focus on healthy eating habits.

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Jan 13, 2022

This Supplement Slashes COVID Death Rate by 93%, Why isn't this reported by the media?

Melatonin Greatly Reduces Risk of Dying From COVID-19

I read this from Dr. Mercola's newsletter this morning and felt I should share this with my readers. I've been using melatonin for over a year to help improve my deep sleep. Melatonin also reduces risk of death for COVID patients by helping to balance and calm the immune system, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

It has also been shown to be beneficial for prevention and improvement of cancer and autoimmune conditions such as type 1 diabetes. And it has proven to reduce the risk of testing positive for COVID-19.

Melatonin Benefits, From The Article:
-Boosts immune function
-Helps recharge glutathione (and glutathione deficiency has been linked to COVID-19 severity)
-May improve the treatment of certain bacterial diseases, including tuberculosis
-Helps regulate gene expression via a series of enzymes

Since Dr. Mercola's webpages are only available for 48 hours, I'm including a link to the PDF version of his article page below.

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Dec 16, 2021

About Jennifer Smith, Biblical Health Coach

Jen Smith is a certified Biblical Health Coach. Jen coaches women improve the health of their families by trusting in the Bible's wisdom as a blueprint for improved health.

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Dec 13, 2021

Free Gifts: Daily Habits For Endless Energy and Meal Plan

Request your free gifts! Daily Habits For Endless Energy, whole food clean eating meal plans, recipes and grocery lists

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