What is Functional Nutrition? It's More than  Diet Alone

What is Functional Nutrition

By Jennifer Smith, Natural Medicine Practitioner and Certified in Holistic Nutrition

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"What is functional nutrition?" I hear you ask. Well, in a nutshell, it’s a personal and holistic approach to health that puts you at the heart of it. Functional Nutrition focuses on identifying and addressing your unique nutritional imbalances and health concerns. It looks at the underlying causes, and tailors your dietary habits and lifestyles to restore and maintain optimal wellbeing. In this article we're going to be breaking it down and figuring out just what is functional nutrition and is it right for you?

What is Functional Nutrition and How Does It Relate to Functional Medicine?

It's easy to get functional nutrition and functional medicine confused, as they share similar principles. However distinctly, functional medicine often involves the whole medical field, looking at your body as an interconnected system, focusing on the underlining causes rather the symptoms of disease. Functional nutrition is a core component of functional medicine, but it primarily concentrates on the role of food in your overall health and how diet adjustments can support your healing process.

Now, embracing functional nutrition can be your key to attain improved health and make better lifestyle choices. It extends beyond the simplistic 'calories in, calories out' view of nutrition. From enhancing your energy levels to managing chronic diseases, functional nutrition is all about using food as medicine and empowering you to make dietary changes that could truly improve the quality of your life.

The Functional Nutrition Appointment

So, what can you expect from an appointment with a functional nutrition practitioner, like me? We'll dig deep into your health history, considering everything from your dietary patterns to any nutrient deficiencies or food sensitivities you may have. Through a comprehensive examination, we can unravel the mystery of your health condition and come up with a personalized, nutrient-dense diet plan for you.

How Can Functional Nutrition Improve My Health?

Implementing functional nutrition habits into your life doesn't have to be daunting. Small changes like consuming more whole, unprocessed foods, reducing inflammatory ingredients, or adding more gut-friendly foods can make a significant impact on your wellbeing. Remember, the goal isn't perfection, but progress.

We can revamp your diet together using functional nutrition to improve your food choices. By understanding which foods aid in healing, provide essential nutrients, and which ones cause inflammation, you can navigate your grocery store or restaurant menu confidently. Even indulgences can be healthier with the right guidelines!

Gut and Hormone Health Case Study

One of my patients, a middle-aged woman with persistent gut issues and hormonal imbalances found immense relief through functional nutrition therapy. Traditional medicine failed to address her concerns, prescribing her meds that were merely Band-Aids not solutions. These medicines caused a downward spiral in her health from the side effects.

With a personalized nutrition plan focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, elimination of trigger foods, and vitamin and mineral supplementation, her gut health improved drastically. Her hormones found balance again, and for the first time in years, she was free of the discomfort that had ruled her life.

Intriguing, right? Functional nutrition is all about making your body function at its best through nutrition science-based dietary adjustments and the right nutrients and supplements to help you feel your best.

To put it simply, if your body were a car, functional nutrition would be the premium fuel designed to make it run smoothly and efficiently. Using real, healing foods with adequate nutrients can be pivotal in managing chronic diseases and promoting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

You Are Unique, And So Is Your Solution to Optimal Health

What is Functional Nutrition: Unique Solution To Health

It goes without saying that everyone is unique, with individual differences shaping our nutrient needs and dietary preferences. Through a personalized nutrition approach, I am here to guide you to not just eat healthy, but eat right for your unique system.

Rest assured, this wellness approach isn't about starvation or depriving you of your favorite foods — far from it. Instead, it’s about understanding how food functions as a powerful tool for your wellbeing. It’s about a healthier partnership with food, a relationship that connects you deeply with your body’s unique nutrition needs.

Also, it's not just about today. Functional nutrition is a long-term investment towards health optimization. Think of it as a protective shield that can decrease the risk of countless health issues in the future.

You see, functional nutrition isn't a one size fits all formula, but an individualized nutrition plan designed for your unique needs. It seeks to address nutritional imbalances in your body, catering to your unique needs. And as your functional nutrition practitioner, I am committed to working with you and empower you to make healthy dietary decisions that work for your body.

This Is Not A Diet, So Quit Treating It Like One

So, ladies, let's say goodbye to the era of food restrictions and hello to the age of a functional nutrition. Let's enable the body to thrive by treating it kindly and feeding it well. After all, our bodies deserve nothing but the best, don't they?

Isn't it time we took control of our nutrition choices, proving that food is indeed the most potent medicine? As your functional nutrition practitioner, let me guide you towards healthier food choices that increase thyroid function, improve hormones, promote wellness, and help restore the balance that your body craves.

The journey of discovery with functional nutrition is fascinating, fulfilling and empowering. Trust me, together, we can make positive, powerful changes to improve your health, one nutritious meals at a time. Your pursuit of better health through holistic nutrition starts here. Let's uncover what functional nutrition can do for you!

About Practitioner

Jennifer Smith, NMP, CHN, FBCC , BHC

Jennifer Smith is a Natural Medicine Practitioner, Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Faith-Based Clinical Counselor and Biblical Health Coach. She has completed advanced certificates in Functional Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Natural Health Consultant diploma, Biblical Natural Medicine and Biblical Eating and Clinical Nutrition.

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