Interstitial Cystitis, Back Pain and Type 1 Diabetes

by E.S.
(Naples, FL)

I have only been using Ivermectin for a few weeks, but I wanted to share what my family and I have experienced so far. I knew for a while now that it was beneficial for Covid, despite what the "experts and authorities" have to say. I only learned recently when a group was recommended to me by a friend that it had the potential for healing other conditions.

I have struggled with interstitial cystitis, back pain, and kidney stones for the last year. The IC and back pain have been the worst and have caused very debilitating pain to the point that I have been stuck on the couch unable to do my day-to-day housework and activities with my children whom I homeschool. My daughter has type 1 diabetes which we struggled with for the past 8 years, and now have an Omnipod and Dexcom that help manage her blood sugars better.

Since following the Telegram group and listening to the recorded chats, I’ve learned so much about different conditions that Ivermectin has improved and how it functions in the body. I started using it myself and very quickly realized its ability to calm inflammation and improve my aches and pains. I’ve been able to get up, move around, make dinner again, and start to regularly attend our local church services again. Most days, I can bend over and squat down without pain and I’ve been able to start exercising and walking. This has been a big improvement in my back pain and stiffness and my IC symptoms have subsided and reduced severity greatly. I still have healing to do, but I am very encouraged by the improvements I’ve seen so far.

The week after I started on the protocol, we had an experience with my son that led us to start our whole family on Ivermectin. My son is prone to bloody noses in the dry season (winter) here in South Florida, and he had a bloody nose that day when we pulled something out of his nose that we were unsure of what it was. It was about an inch long and seemed like it may have been a worm-like thing covered in blood. It was hard to tell, and I’m still not sure what it was, or if it was just a blood clot, but it was enough to convince us that we all need to be on a course of Ivermectin. My daughter who has type 1 diabetes, we have seen major improvements with her blood sugar and she has required less insulin and at certain times of the day we reduced her to no basal insulin. I will update this post in a month as we continue on this healing journey.

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Jan 29, 2024
Good information
by: Anonymous

I've had similar experiences with Ivermectin. It appears to do many different things and have many benefits. This site is a good place to find information so you can make up your own mind.

Jan 25, 2024
Thanks for your submission!
by: Jennifer

This is so helpful to hear your story! Thanks for sharing.

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