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We'll be sharing upcoming wellness events on this page. Check back each month to see what's coming up on the calendar. Some events are online week-long summits and others are one-time webinars.  Please visit the link below to see the wellness events for that month. 

Wellness Events 2022





Wellness Events 2023

coming soon!

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In the community you will:

"Learn to improve your health through gentle nutrition, fasting, Biblical prayer & movement"

  • Are you struggling to balance it all?
  • Do you have goals but you feel overwhelmed in life?
  • Do you have health goals but you don’t achieve them?
  • The time is now!

"My goal is to make it super simple to implement the right health and wellness habits to help you feel renewed, refreshed, with more energy and improved well-being." 

- Jen Smith, BHC

I'll share with you:

  • Gentle nutrition and health resources and guides
  • Webinars on special health topics
  • Live Q and A's
  • Recipe suggestions, grocery lists and meal ideas
  • And of course my best health tips and tricks!

About Author

Jennifer Smith is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Biblical Health Coach and Faith-Based Clinical Counselor. She has completed advanced certifications in Functional Nutrition, Biblical Naturopathy and Biblical Eating and Clinical Nutrition. 

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